ARCHIVE: 2013 OCGW Conference

2013 marked the first year of the annual Orange County Global Women’s Conference. Over 600 were present to listen to some of Southern California’s most accomplished women leaders, network, and learn strategies for success.

For more information about last year’s conference, download the 2013 program or continue reading below.




Lead Like a Woman

This group of leaders will share their experiences on how they made it to the top. They will discuss the qualities of successful leadership, courage, vision, strength, empowerment and address questions: Are women different kinds of leaders than men? Dare we ask… are they better?

Women and Educational Leadership

Like most industries, women are not well represented at the CEO and senior leadership levels. If you want to climb the career ladder and discover how it’s done, attend this session. Women senior leaders in higher education share their secrets of success in a male-dominated world.

An Integrative Approach to Wellness: From Head to Toe

An integrative approach to wellness combines the best of Western Medicine with scientifically proven complementary and alternative therapies to attend to body, mind and spirit. In this panel, you will learn from the experts on how to use integrative medicine to prevent illness, restore health, and achieve wellness.

From Passion to Paycheck: Entrepreneurship Do’s and Don’ts

Learn entry-level entrepreneur tips and tricks and hear practical advice from women who have started their own business. Hear how they defined their dreams and talents, took risks, and side-stepped the pitfalls that often come with starting a business and seeing it to success.

Walking the Tightrope: How to Master Work-Life Balancing Act

Do you often feel like a circus performer balancing career on one side and family on the other? This session will provide you with tips on contributing just the right amount of time and effort so that they both can thrive…and you can survive! Includes discussion on realistic goal-setting.

Overcoming Obstacles… The Courage to Swim Upstream

Hear inspiring stories from women of varied backgrounds who traveled against the current, overcame great odds, and found ways to make a unique difference in society. Hear how our panel of women have climbed their way to the top and faced moments that redefined their goals and their life.

Global Impact Through Philanthropy

Many women have lived lives of purpose that have touched thousands of people around the globe. A panel of steadfast, determined, and caring women will showcase their stories that will inspire you and swell your soul.

Discoveries about Women

What do we know about women? Regardless of fields, most of the research studies have been done by men about men. The new discoveries about women are not only revealing, but also advancing science, advocating for justice and opening new worlds that we don’t know. Panelists will share insights on women that can change your lives forever. Come and learn!

The Global Impact of Women: The Power of Politics

Women are increasingly becoming leaders in the international community. With these roles (or positions) comes the capacity to affect change in a greater global community. How have women changed the world and what more can be done? Is the average woman better off because women have more political power?




Secretary of State, Debra Bowen

A pioneer in open government reform, election integrity, and personal privacy rights, Debra Bowen is the sixth woman in California history to have been elected to a statewide constitutional office. As the state’s chief elections officer, Secretary Bowen is responsible for overseeing state and federal elections, a role that requires her to test and certify all voting equipment. Her goal is to ensure that voting systems certified for use in California elections are secure, accurate, reliable, and accessible, and every voter’s ballot is counted exactly as it was cast.




  • Rebecca Adkinson
  • Loretta P. Adrian, Ph.D.
  • Tina Aldatz
  • Consul General Maria Hellen Barber de la Vega
  • Fereshteh T. Bethel, Ph.D.
  • Wendy Dailey
  • Belinda de la Libertad
  • Lucy Dunn
  • Berenecea Johnson Eanes, Ph.D.
  • Alicia Hetman
  • Dimetria Jackson
  • Laila Karamally
  • Dayna Kowata, ND, L.Ac
  • Shaista Malik, MD, Ph.D., MPH
  • Erlinda J. Martinez, Ed.D.
  • Sheela Mehta, LCSW
  • Asieh Namdar
  • Kay Napier
  • Rena Puebla
  • Heather Rice, L.Ac
  • Susan Samueli, Ph.D.
  • Maggie Forster Schmitz
  • Jessie Simonson
  • Maria “LuLu” de Lourdes Sobrino
  • Maria Suarez
  • Dawn Sutherland
  • Flor Tolley
  • Betty Rengifo Uribe, Ed.D.
  • Diana von Welanetz Wentworth
  • Consul General Alejandra Garcia Williams
  • Captain Jennifer F. Williams, U.S.C.G.
  • Susan E. Wise